Thursday, 27 November 2008

Closed Blog

I started this blog with the intention of changing over to blogging here instead of at my original blog. Then I realised I had no way of combining the two blogs into one, well there probably is but its WAAAAY beyond my technical capabilities lol. And after having my original blog "blinged" for my birthday I decided to stay there. The title no longer makes any sense, but the posts and the "history" of our families doings that is stored there make it precious anyway :-) And I realised that taking a detour to China before going to Ethiopia is part and parcel of our new little one's story - if we hadn't done it this way we wouldn't be adopting 'her' it could be some other child. I don't think adoption from Ethiopia was even an option when we started to research all this back in late 2005! So China was a detour that brought us both our precious Little Prince and will lead us to our future little one too :-)

So if you want to know what we have been up to and keep up with all my drivel and waffling please visit HERE.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Meeting (finally!!!)

We heard from our Local Authority last Tuesday (8th April) that Team Leader had finally arranged a meeting with our social worker - at the end of May!!! Me and Mr Messy cooked up some cock and bull story about him having planned to have work holidays that week, and could we please (pretty please with sugar on top) move this meeting forward. A few frantic emails later, and the meeting was rescheduled for the end of April YEAH :-)

Friday, 4 April 2008


The end of another week and still no word from our social worker. Our LA has tried leaving another message for her, but I'm presuming she hasn't got back to them yet as the LA haven't said anything. Its SO SO frustrating!!! I know that our LA is supportive (and that we are extremely lucky in that) but they work so so so slowly, so every delay before even starting our change of country update, will be compounded by their slowness in dealing with all the paperwork once its finally in their hands. And then we have to renavigate the DCSF nightmare, again adding more and more time. We are probably going to have a long wait once our papers reach Ethiopia, as we want to wait for a child with enough background information, so that we can be sure she is legitimately available for adoption, and the orphanage UK families work with rarely takes in children with known family members. So the quicker we can deal with the UK side of things, the quicker we can get in the queue for the Ethiopian side of things - but we are just in limbo WAITING!! URGH!!!!!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Guess What I've Been Doing...??

Well DUH!!! It was bound to be shopping lol. I got all these outfits from either Gap or Monsoon outlet shops and they cost a fraction of the cost they would in the regular shop - but they are just as cute :-)

I just LURVE shopping :-)

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Dolly Delay

I've just had an email from the place I've ordered the Corolle Cecille Doll from, unfortunately the doll won't be in stock until early May. I could have got a full refund, but I prefer to wait and have them despatch the doll when its finally available.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

More shopping

Well its all I seem to be able to do for this adoption at the moment, until our social worker gets in touch anyway. I've decided the theme for Little One's nursery will be 'hearts' and today I bought these lovely rustic wooden and fabric hearts to decorate the nursery with - I just can't wait to get it started :-) I've also seen this cotbed in Toys R Us that will go perfectly with my theme (and they do a matching changing unit too), although imagine it in pink rather than blue lol.
Something more like this :-
Which is the Toys R Us "Hugs and Kisses" range :-)

Tuesday's Post!!

I heard from our LA Team Leader today, well she replied to my email!! Apparently she has spoken to our homestudy social worker's husband, and is waiting for our social worker to call her back. Fingers crossed its soon, now we've made the decision to change countries I want to get the changeover underway. The UK bureaucracy is such a pain to get through that I want to start it as soon as possible, preferably yesterday. Its a pity no one else seems to share my enthusiasm!!!