Friday, 4 April 2008


The end of another week and still no word from our social worker. Our LA has tried leaving another message for her, but I'm presuming she hasn't got back to them yet as the LA haven't said anything. Its SO SO frustrating!!! I know that our LA is supportive (and that we are extremely lucky in that) but they work so so so slowly, so every delay before even starting our change of country update, will be compounded by their slowness in dealing with all the paperwork once its finally in their hands. And then we have to renavigate the DCSF nightmare, again adding more and more time. We are probably going to have a long wait once our papers reach Ethiopia, as we want to wait for a child with enough background information, so that we can be sure she is legitimately available for adoption, and the orphanage UK families work with rarely takes in children with known family members. So the quicker we can deal with the UK side of things, the quicker we can get in the queue for the Ethiopian side of things - but we are just in limbo WAITING!! URGH!!!!!

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