Thursday, 27 November 2008

Closed Blog

I started this blog with the intention of changing over to blogging here instead of at my original blog. Then I realised I had no way of combining the two blogs into one, well there probably is but its WAAAAY beyond my technical capabilities lol. And after having my original blog "blinged" for my birthday I decided to stay there. The title no longer makes any sense, but the posts and the "history" of our families doings that is stored there make it precious anyway :-) And I realised that taking a detour to China before going to Ethiopia is part and parcel of our new little one's story - if we hadn't done it this way we wouldn't be adopting 'her' it could be some other child. I don't think adoption from Ethiopia was even an option when we started to research all this back in late 2005! So China was a detour that brought us both our precious Little Prince and will lead us to our future little one too :-)

So if you want to know what we have been up to and keep up with all my drivel and waffling please visit HERE.

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