Sunday, 9 March 2008

FED UP!!!!!!!

Its now been over a week since I talked to our LA's Team Leader, who oversees our case, and let her know that we wanted to change country from China to Ethiopia. We had found out, via the UK based facilitator, that people in the UK are not allowed to change from a NSNs application to a SNs application. And even if we did change our referral would only arrive 2-3 months (or 3-6 months depending on the source) faster than it would otherwise. As estimates for late 2007 referrals are currently at 5 years (or more) it just isn't worth us trying to fight to change to SNs and then finding out that we wouldn't be that much faster anyway. Mr Messy is adamant that he will be too old to be starting to parent again by then, so it just isn't do-able for us as a family. After talking to the fab OASIS helpline, we started to research Ethiopia. There are many many advantages to changing - not least that our two adopted children would have a shared continental (if not country) background. It is possible to request a child with a Muslim background, which again would have similarities to Little Prince's background. I have talked to people who have successfully changed from China to Ethiopia, and they brought their little one home in 9 months!! We have made up our minds - this is what we want to do. We have to persuade our LA and our sw though, and that is the hard part!! LA Team Leader told me the Dept was very busy and it would take her a while to get back to me, so I knew that she wasn't going to talk to me quickly!! So why is it driving me loopy!?!?! I'm eating us out of chocolate and home, have put pounds back on and am constantly obsessing about it!!! I just want to know if we will be allowed to follow this new path or not?!?! Is that so hard?!?!?!

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